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Spring’s arrival means winter’s departure

It has been quite a winter here at the Echo Lake Inn. Full of snow with guests participating in the wonders of winter in the Green Mountains. Just this past weekend, the Inn hosted travelers of all types. A young couple confirmed their relationship with the Inn by booking their wedding at the inn this October after having seen a full and active Echo Lake Inn winter weekend. As evening descended on the inn, a family gathered by the fireplace to enjoy a spirited game of Monopoly. Weary skiers dropped by the bar for an Après Ski hot cider spiced with buttered rum. Echo Lake Inn

The restaurant, in its final dinner weekend of the season, saw many of our regulars enjoy Chef Kevin’s cuisine one last time before winter’s end. The Engels, who have been coming to the inn for more than 20 years, joined us again. The Fuscos, the Castiglias and the Crevelins also joined us to give the 2014 winter season a great season and to savor Chef Kevin’s food before the restaurant re-opens for dinner service in the summer.

Echo Lake Inn restaurant

Soon winter will loosen its tight grip but, until then, the Inn will continue to welcome travelers and their families warming, not just their body, but their also their mind and spirit.

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