About Echo Lake Inn

The original Inn was built in 1799 – to the rear of the existing Inn. It collapsed under a severe storm in the 1970’s, having served as an antique shop in its declining years. The popularity of the original Inn, located on the main stage-coach line, was instant and led to the construction of the existing Inn around 1840. The Inn was built by Frank Josselyn for a reported $500.00. It is also reported to be only one of six Inns in Vermont functioning today that was originally built as an Inn.

The Echo Lake Inn features some great amenities to make your stay much more enjoyable. Featuring swimming Pool, Tavern & Pub, Restaurant, Event Tent, Free Wifi, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, Yard Games, Wedding Dell, The Wishing Well, Herb Garden, Boats & Canoes, Echo Lake and Fishing. Additionally we are perfectly located to various Vermont Historic sites and estates.

When I found Echo Lake Inn, it felt like the perfect fit. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to run Echo Lake Inn. My predecessor, Mr. Laurence Jeffery continues to teach me more than a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about how to be a seasoned innkeeper, and this place came with a more-than-excellent staff who know exactly how this place runs and how to make guests feel right at home.