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Rhodesian Slash & Grill

“In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”.  Today, around the country, many people are celebrating Columbus Day. I know there is a lot of debate about whether this is good or bad, but like it or not, it changed the world. Now, many years later, a young lad left the great African continent to pursue his vocation as a hospitality manager and changed the world for many people in his life. I’m talking about our friend, the owner of Echo Lake Inn, Laurence, who left Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and eventually made his way to Tyson, VT about 15 years ago.

Even though I’ve been at the inn for about 24 years, I wanted to somehow tie Laurence’s history into the menu now that he was part of the Echo lake Inn family. What better way than doing a 16 oz Rhodesian spiced, slash and grilled bone-in rib eye steak since Laurence loves his nyama (meat). The steak has become one of the inn guests’ favorite menu items. In order to make the spice rub, I had to first do some research. My fact finding mission spanned the internet as well as questioning Laurence and his brother Chris (who is known for his homemade spiced biltong- African beef jerky). With some kitchen trial and error, our coriander based rub was born.  Come see why it has become so popular.

Echo Lake Inn Menu

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