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Apple Cider Syrup

Well…..summer is almost over. Yesterday I woke up to 35 degrees and that crisp fall like air. This time of the year brings many different memories and expectation. What comes to your mind as summer slowly relinquishes its grip on calendar? I think of apple picking and the cider days of Vermont. I have fond memories of my family piling in the station wagon and heading to our local orchard and picking more apples than my mother could bake into pies. So, with what was left, my father made into applesauce.  Once the apples were cooked down, he would put them through a hand powered food mill and then off to the fridge ready for the next big Sunday dinner.

Echo Lake Inn Aerial Photo

Aerial Photo of Echo Lake Inn

Now, if you are the type of person that buys their pies or applesauce, I have a quick trick that will give you that fall taste that you can make and have on hand year round.  How about making your own apple cider syrup? Easy enough and once you have it down; you can then add different ingredients to the process to change things up.  Take a gallon of cider and pour into a heavy sauce pan. Cook the cider down until it has the desired consistency (remember that the cider will thicken more once it cools). You want it to coat the back of a spoon and drip off the end, not run. Let the syrup cool then store in refrigerator in a jar or plastic squirt bottle until ready to use.  If you want a spicier blend, add a stick of cinnamon while boiling and store the syrup with the stick in the jar. Try other spices, have some fun. We use our syrup in sauces, drinks, and desserts. See what you can come up with.

All the best,

Chef Kevin

Photo: Echo Lake Inn

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