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Hot Buttered Rum – Echo Lake Inn Style

Snow is slowly cascading from the sky and it’s the perfect evening for one of Neal’s cocktails.  This cocktail is Neal’s interperation of the classic Hot Buttered Rum. 1.5 ounces spiced rum 3/4 ounce Willis Woods Cinnamon Cider Syrup 1/2 orange slice 1 pat of butter In Collins glass muddle syrup, orange and rum.  Fill […]

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Lauren’s Cider Cocktail

We’re excited to share a delicious fall cocktail that was featured at a recent wedding.  Harvest time makes you think of everything this cocktail features: crisp apples, warm cinnamon with bright citus notes. This recipe was the first Echo Lake innkeeper collaboration. Laurence Anne Marie and Neal went through grueling research to get this cocktail just right. Lauren’s Cider Cocktail […]

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The sun is shining (once again) and since Neal is busy concocting a recipe for our upcoming newsletter, I thought I’d share one that was in our newsletter last year.   It’s a wonderful festive recipe to help you celebrate a summer occasion and pays homage to my birthplace; Zimbabwe was formerly Rhodesia. Zimbabwe Cocktail Orange Juice – 1/4 […]

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