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Zafir’s Ghost Sighting Winter 1991

Last week, at check out, one of our guests told me about the last time he and his wife had stayed at the inn. This is amazing:

Zafir’s Ghost Sighting Winter 1991

3rd floor. Room 33 next to room 31.

Chris woke up around 1:00 AM. The room was dark except for the soft light coming thru the window from the reflection off the snow covered landscape outside. Maybe he didn’t wake up, maybe he was dreaming? He sat up in bed. Through this soft light he saw a little old lady sitting in the rocking chair across the room. He struggled to get his head together; you know that feeling when you question ‘is this a dream or am I really awake’. He pinched himself – yes, he was awake.

She was sitting peacefully in the rocker and just watching him. She had on a white gown buttoned all the way up to her neck, a shawl over her shoulders and a little white night cap on her head. There was glow about her similar to the glow you get from your cell phone at night.

He looked away and then back again; she was still sitting there in the rocking chair, smiling at him. It wasn’t scary, it was just amazing. He nudged his wife, Nancy. She didn’t move.  He nudged her again and this time she moved a little. “Nancy”, he said, “wake up, look, there’s an old women sitting in the rocking chair”. Nancy looked over to the corner of the room and her jaw dropped open, she was speechless. They both looked at the smiling little old lady for another 10 seconds. She kept on rocking and smiling.

Chris leaned over and turned on the light.  Poof, she was gone.

The next day, when they told the innkeeper, Cathy, about their visitor, she smiled and said “yes, we see her all the time. She is a very sweet old lady”.

Could this be the same ghost from room 31 next door?

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