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We love autumn

Autumn brings magical changes to the Echo Lake Inn and fills the senses with romance and warmth.  The fiery colors of Fall have now surrounded the grounds of the Inn and these changes also signify changes within the Inn itself.   The cozy bar now beckons travelers with the aroma of freshly pressed hot cider spiced up with Neal’s secret recipe and combines well with rum or Grand Marnier.

The living room crackles and sizzles with warmth from the burning log fire creating cozy surroundings for guests and families enjoying a mug of hot chocolate or sipping on cocktails and chatting over the day’s events.

Echo Lake Inn Living Room

The restaurant also goes through changes as Chef Kevin’s refreshing Summer soups give way to the rich warm soups of Fall – a popular example being his signature “Curried Apple Soup”.

The splendor and magic of the Fall never fail to capture my imagination filling it with the warmth and the aromas of the season.

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Photo: Echo Lake Inn

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