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Tips to hosting a family reunion

As the snow melts, we set our sights on our busy summer events.  While we host between 20-22 weddings every summer, we’re also a popular spot for family reunions.  In fact, we’re honored that some families have made us (the Echo Lake Inn) PART of their family tradition!
Children grow and move away, couples retire and head to warmer climates and our opportunities to visit with one another come during weddings and funerals.  Only one of those events is celebratory. So if you’ve been wanting to reconnect with family and possibly a new generation of little ones you have not yet met, here are some tips to help you run a smooth family reunion.


1.   Make sure you find a location that offers a variety of onsite facilities.  Since a family reunion, by definition is multi-generational, it’s important to have accessible activities for all age groups.
Echo Lake Inn Pool
2.  Since some members will not know one another, or need to be reacquainted, it’s important to plan some icebreakers.  A fun idea is to play a family trivia game during a BBQ or have family members bring photos so you can have a ‘Family Tree’ at the entrance to the event.
family reunion photo idea
3.   FOOD!  People love to nosh at reunions and we’ve found that having fun and inexpensive snack foods served keeps everyone happy.  Two of our popular offerings are a ‘popcorn bar’ and S’Mores (we provide the fire, you provide the ingredients and the S’mores chef.)
cheese board
4.  Be sure to capture this for posterity.  Do not let the opportunity of getting a formal family photograph pass.
family reunion photo
5.  Send everyone home with a momento so they can remember the event for years to come.  Common ideas are customized mugs (we have fabulous Echo Lake Inn mugs that everyone loves); perhaps engraved pint glasses, T-Shirts or even simple bookmarks.
family reunion bookmark
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