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Thyme to grow your own herbs

The days of using all those dried herbs you see in the grocery aisle are over. With the abundance of fresh herbs already packaged for you in the produce department or even better, your own herb garden, there’s no reason to reach for the dry herb jar.


At the inn, we have our own herb garden making it easy to snip what you need for the night. Of course, when we need an abundance of something, we order more in that’s grown at one of the local farms. I recommend everyone grow their own herbs in a garden or even in planters/pots. Nothing like the smell of just picked fresh basil.

Now, how do you choose which ones to grow? Think about what you like to cook and match the herbs to that. You can’t go wrong with the basics like basil, thyme, parsley, and oregano.  I also like to have sage, dill, chives, mint and rosemary. We even have lemon balm that our bartender, Neal, has worked into a great summer drink and a patch of mint that goes great with lamb. Whatever you choose, herbs are easy to grow and pack a fresh flavor that dry herbs can’t match.

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