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Take a seat

The first step in creating place cards for your wedding (also called escort cards) is deciding if you want assigned seats or assigned tables.  Almost all of our couples assign tables (as opposed to assigned seats), it’s much more relaxed and a lot less work than assigned seats.


If you decide to use place cards be aware that you will need to attach them to something to prevent them from blowing away.  You could easily tie your escort cards to your favors.

This couple made homemade jams and had the tables printed on the labels…

Here’s a fun idea we did a few years ago – we used mini clothespins to attach escort cards to ribbon.   In this instance, the tables were named after places the couple lived.  You could name your tables after mountains in Vermont, places you’ve traveled, words that remind us of weddings: like ‘love’, ‘forever’ and ‘ happiness’.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

Escort cards are a great way to add whimsy to your reception!

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  Photos: St Phalle






So, that’s why we developed an easy yet elegant way to direct guests to their seat.  We will print your seating assignments on colored paper (you can choose from cream, white, light pink or light green) and we’ll place them in a beautiful frame at the entrance of the tent.










This way you can make changes up to a few minutes before the ceremony while saving time (and money).  Here’s a copy of our SEATING ASSIGNMENT chart.

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