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Room 31 again!

Room 31 again!

Casper the ghost

In 1998, a few years after I moved to the inn, my new head housekeeper, Judy, came to the office one morning to clarify what seemed to be any error on the housekeeper’s report. Room 31 was listed as vacant but someone had slept on the bed. Oh well, no problem, just fix it and move on.

I didn’t know it then but this was to be the beginning of a 5 year tale of strange happenings in room 31 as experienced by the housekeeping department. Over the years Judy would take time out from her daily activities to update me on these ‘strange or odd’ occurrences as they happened. For example: On entering room 31 for the normal pre-arrival room check she found all the lights turned on but the guests hadn’t arrived yet. Another time the 2 pictures on the wall were hanging sideways and the little yellow jug, normally on the bureau, was on the bed and many more strange things such as the pillows were on top of the bedspread – shouldn’t they be under the bedspread?  These stories, although not shocking, were somewhat disturbing to Judy. She and all of her staff did their best to avoid going into this room.

On day my niece, who lived for 3 years on the 4th floor of the inn with her parents and brother, told me, after hearing one of Judy’s stories, about the many sightings she had had of this little old lady down the end of the corridor – the same corridor as room 31. Now Judy was nervous! That same month in late 2002 Judy came down to my office in quite a state. She was angry and she was, I think, quite scared. Remember the little yellow chair in the far corner of the dark blue room? Well, someone or something had turned the chair around and it was now facing the wall!

3 weeks later Judy abruptly resigned after 5 years at the inn. When asked why she said that she was tired of housekeeping.

I always wondered if that was the real reason – what would you think?

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