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Room 31…again

Winter of 2004. Room 31 again!

It was early evening on a busy winter weekend at the inn. There were people everywhere; the bar was full, the seats by the roaring fireplace in the living room were all occupied and the restaurant was fully booked. We were in for a great night.

The bartender, Peter, called me over to meet two of our guests who were sitting at the bar. They had some very interesting comments to share with me. They were both psychics working for the government in a small investigative division and wanted to let me know that we had an angry spirit in the room across the hall, room 31 again! They were in room 30.

They went on to say that this spirit was upset because it did not like the color of the wallpaper and that if we changed the color to yellow it would be happy again. This was amazing information from someone who had never been to the inn or ever been into the guest room areas. You may remember, in a previous segment those 30 years previously, the grandmother had been knocked of her ladder by a ghost while changing the wall paper in room 31 to a dark blue.

5 months later Peter was showing a young couple some of the rooms at the inn. When Peter opened the door to room 31 he was surprised to find the entire room filled with steam, wall paper peeling off the walls and the ceiling beginning to collapse – quite a shock!

As it turns out, nobody had been in the room for at least 3 days but somehow the hot water faucet in the shower had been turned to maximum. The steam, maybe running for days, had devastated the entire room but the most remarkable thing was that, when, due to the steam, the wall paper had completely peeled off the walls revealing a beautiful, sunny, yellow wall paper. How did the psychics know about the yellow wallpaper?

We completely renovated the entire room and chose bright yellow wall paper; a nice addition to the little yellow chair.

That next winter our psychics came back for their 2nd visit. We put them in the room across the hall from room 31 and waited to hear from them. They said nothing during their stay but on check out they asked Peter what happened in room 31 because the spirit was now content and no longer angry. We told them the story of the steam and the yellow wall paper. We could tell, they said.

Since the renovation there have been no ‘strange’ happenings and no ‘sightings’ only a warm, calm ‘feeling’.

All the best,


Casper the ghost

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