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Pumpkins are just for pies and Jack-O-Lanterns…or are they?

Scary carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin

Here’s a picture of one of my Jack-O-Lanterns from last year.  I also make quite a few
pies for Thanksgiving, but why stop there? How about a nice warm pumpkin soup for a cold autumn night? One of the inn’s guests favorites is my Mapled Harvest Bisque. Now, I usually make it with butternut squash, but why not use a pie pumpkin instead? Here’s a simple soup recipe that will warm you belly as well as your soul as the frost starts to creep in and the days get shorter.


2        Each        Acorn Squash

2        Each        Pumpkin

1        Cup         Maple Syrup

1        Med        Onion, diced

2        Cups       Half and Half

2        Cups       Chicken Stock

                         Butter (for sauté)

                         Salt and Pepper to taste 

Peel, seed and dice squash. Sauté onion in butter in a heavy stock pot until translucent. Add squash, reduce heat and cover. Let squash cook until tender. 

Puree onion and pumpkin until smooth. Return to the stock pot and add syrup, cream and stock. Add salt and pepper to taste. Simmer for 30 minutes. 

Serves 10.

Rather someone else make it? Call ahead at the inn and see if we can make it for you the night of your reservation. Remember….one of the best things to make for dinner is reservations!

Eat well,


Photo: Chef Kevin

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