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Meet The New Innkeeper

My oldest daughter Christin likes to refer to Calvin Coolidge as my spirit animal, whatever that means.

I grew up on Coolidge Ave in White Plains, NY and when I went to UVM, I lived in the Coolidge dormitory. So naturally, when I decided to buy an Inn I serendipitously fell in love with one located in the city where President Coolidge was born and where the man stayed a time or two in the early 1900s. Many of the best parts of my life are somehow associated with Calvin Coolidge as well as the Green Mountain State.

Both of my parents are native Vermonters and I grew up spending summers at the farm my mother grew up on in Poultney as well as my dad’s family home in Proctor. My dad was the son of a Marble Cutter in Proctor, Vermont, and my mom earned her Medical degree at UVM. They both valued education and my dad also studied at UVM then going on to Dartmouth and Columbia.

I spent my college years in Burlington at UVM, and in Boston at Northeastern earning my MBA. I have three wonderful children and I brought them to Vermont on many vacations to share my love of the green mountains and to make more fantastic memories with my family.

I spent the last 30 years working in Corporate America first in Massachusetts and then in Washington State. For a guy like me, that’s a lot of time in the corporate world and when I left my last job I felt a need to change and get back to my roots. While I grew up in New York, Vermont was still the place that always felt the most like home; my best memories are here. I wanted to put my business expertise into something different and an inn felt like the right fit. I was always enamored by their inner workings as well as the history behind the Classic Inns of Vermont that always makes for some great stories.

When I found Echo Lake Inn, it felt like the perfect fit. I am incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to run Echo Lake Inn. My predecessor, Mr. Laurence Jeffery continues to teach me more than a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about how to be a seasoned innkeeper, and this place came with a more-than-excellent staff who know exactly how this place runs and how to make guests feel right at home. I am very optimistic about this new adventure and I am very excited to meet all the present and future Echo Lake guests and to learn all of your stories and maybe share a few of my own if you just so happen to enjoy the ramblings of a guy who is enjoying this new life adventure.

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