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Innkeeping: is it as much fun as it looks? (Some of the time!)

Many people think that being an innkeeper is just like an episode of the Bob Newhart show, spending time at the front desk talking to the guests.  It is like that but eminently much more interesting, fun and, on some days, absolutely beautiful.

Echo Lake Inn

The interesting part of being an innkeeper is that everyday is different but the same.   Many people dread Monday mornings at work but they can be one of the nicest days at the inn.  After a busy weekend hosting a wedding, Mondays are the day when all the chores are caught up.  Quite often, on some weekdays, we are honored to be able to host a family reunion but usually midweek we have fewer guests in house. They get to enjoy a delicious breakfast with local produce, including free range eggs (thank you Troy & Christina – our local farmers), in a quiet and peaceful setting.

When it is not so busy this is the time when, as innkeepers, we can talk to guests, get to know them and maybe help them deciding on what to do in Vermont.  Our guests can be the most interesting people to talk to.  We have had guests here from all over the world; most recently the farthest someone had come was from Cape Town, South Africa!


hanging baskets

Visiting on the front porch

Guests go off for the day and now our day continues.  Many people, at this point in their day, are sitting at a desk typing into their computer.  As innkeepers we get to spend plenty of time outside, especially on sunny days. We get to mow lawns, do a little painting and maintenance, wile away a few hours cleaning the pool and Anne Marie, our assistant innkeeper and master gardener, gets to take care of all the beautiful plants and gardens around the inn. The many flowers used to decorate the inn and the dining room are grown and maintained by Anne Marie.  Not a bad way to spend a Monday in the summer. The winter, on the other hand, has a whole different story.

Echo lake inn sign

At 3:00 PM the evening shift starts and we’ll get to that another day.

Until then, stay well and thanks for reading this blog.

Laurence Jeffery ~ Innkeeper

 Photos: Echo Lake Inn 1 & 2; Beltrami Studios

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