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Cool Summer Soup

We’ve had an unusually humid summer but the good news is between the pool and the lake, we keep cool.  Even BETTER news is Chef Kevin created a delicious minted watermelon soup.  It pairs perfectly with a light salad and freshly baked bread.

cold melon soup

If you’d like to prepare a cold summer soup, consider making Chef Kevin’s Cucumber Soup (served cold).

Cucumber Soup

3              Peeled Cucumbers diced

1              Small Onion diced

¼             Cup of white Vinegar

1              Cup of Sour Cream

2              Cups of Milk

Chopped Chives

Salt and Pepper


Puree 2 cucumbers and the onion. Add all other ingredients and mix. Season to taste and serve chilled. Garnish with remaining chopped cucumber and chopped chives.

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Photo: Echo Lake Inn

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