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Chef Kevin’s Corner

In my last blog, I promised you some information on how the Vermont Fresh Network works. Since we are a member, and have been for some time, I want you to know why I think it’s important to Echo Lake Inn. Here’s their mission statement:

Advancing relationships among farmers, chefs, and consumers to grow markets and eat more locally grown food.

The Vermont Fresh Network encourages farmers, food producers and chefs to work directly with each other to build partnerships. Building these regional connections contributes to stronger local communities and their economies.”

Echo Lake Inn Front Door; Circa 1840 sign

I have been to many farms, met many farmers and love the interaction. As I grew up in Vermont, my family would buy our milk with the cream floating on the top in glass gallon jars from the Bliss Farm just a couple of miles from our house. We used to get our potatoes from the Kingsbury Farm and the Allen Brothers Farm truck would stop by the house for the monthly apple delivery (as kids, we just called him the apple man). Many of our vegetables were grown in our back yard and come fall, my father would store some items in the cold cellar in large ceramic crocks to be used through winter.

I understand what it takes to grow or raise locally and appreciate the pride that comes through with all the great local products that we are fortunate enough to have at our doorstep. That pride is then carried through in my preparation of that local item and presented to our valued diners.

So, come join us for some eggs that I just brought in from Newhall Farm, blackberries I just picked from my own bushes, vegetables just picked by our breakfast waitress or a humanely raised veal chop just dropped off by Lisa at Jersey Girl Farm.


Eat well,

Chef Kevin

Photos: Chef Kevin Barnes

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