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Celebrating Presidents Day

“Country life does not always have breadth, but it has depth.  It is neither artificial nor superficial, but is kept close to the realties.” ~ Calvin Coolidge Autobiography 1929

Vermont Farm

As President’s Day approaches, I like to re-read some of my favorite Calvin Coolidge quotes.  The one above comes to mind when I think of the beautiful farms, scenery and activities around the state and most particularly, our region right here at Echo Lake.   Our beautiful open fields and scenic landscape attract tourists which in turn improves our own quality of life.   Vermont country life and most especially farming life is not only scenic but a vital part of the states’ economy and restaurant economy.  Through the Vermont Fresh Network, restaurants and most particularly the Echo Lake Inn work with local farmers and food producers to build partnerships and strengthen the agricultural heritage of Vermont.  As Coolidge says ‘country life is neither artificial nor superficial but close to reality.’ That is what makes Vermont a special place to live and an even more special place to visit.  We look forward to each season here and love to share our love of this beautiful state with our guests.

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