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Celebrating 23 years!

23 Years! Yes, I’ve been the chef at Echo Lake Inn for 23 years. For those of you starting to do the math….I started when I was 16 (that way I would still be 39). Actually, I just turned 50 and have been at the inn for almost half my life. I had to sit down the first time I said that out loud but, truth be told,  I couldn’t be prouder. I’ve had the good fortune of working for 3 different sets of owners. Each one bringing something new and exciting to the table.  Be it, a family of Italians that considered food almost as a religion, a southern couple that embodied  hospitality that the south is known for, or a classically trained hotelier who’s eye for detail and knowledge of food, wine and guests’ relations is second to none.  All have made my years at the inn memorable and interesting.  I’m still in touch with the former owners and they love to hear what new chapters the inn has taken in their absence.  We call our staff family and I’ve always felt like part of their families just as the inn has been my second home.

So, what does this mean to you? To celebrate my 23 years, we are offering a Friday night dinner special. For $23 you get a 3 course meal including one of our signature soups or an innkeeper salad, choice of 4 entrées with some featuring local ingredients, and one of our house made desserts. Our selections change weekly but we have already garnered some new dining guests. Some even make their reservations for the following week just as they leave the dining room from that night’s meal. We must be doing something right. So, give us a call and take advantage of our 23 year special. One of the best deals in town!


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